These are the most frequently asked questions. if you don't find any answer for your question, please Contact us

Can a parent be a tutor at the same time on into platform?
Of course, it is possible!
Any parent who is qualified wishing to be a tutor can become a tutor by adjusting the settings of their profile and successfully passing the qualification process.
The management of both, parent and tutor accounts, is done through same credentials (E-mail and password).
How can I get paid?
You will get compensated on the 15th (fifteenth) of every following month, with the payment transferred to your bank account.
How can I make my profile more appealing to learners?
Make sure to complete your profile showcasing your educational and professional backgrounds and benefit efficiently from writing a catchy “About me” and uploading a great "promotional video".
How can I manage my availability?
Make sure to constantly update your availability on your calendar by accessing your dashboard. Always remember that the more availability you add, the more session requests you will receive.
How can I develop proactive thinking pathways?
⦁    Reflect on previous learning sessions 
⦁    Recap then define your new learning objectives 
⦁    Start the session with introductions and not instantly
⦁    Build upon your learners’ expectations and needs
⦁    Build an inquisitive learning environment and encourage your learners to ask questions.

How can I effectively run my session?

Make sure that you have a:
⦁    Stable and fast internet connection 
⦁    Quiet room with no distractions  
⦁    Respect for punctuality
⦁    Session greetings
⦁    Personalized preparation for each session
⦁    Safe space for feedback on the learning objectives.

How can I create a healthy positive environment for my learners?

⦁    Highlight their strengths and positive traits 
⦁    Build a bridge for a two-way communication 
⦁    Reply as soon as possible whenever your learners message you
⦁    Show commitment and dedication
⦁    Personalize the learning plan
⦁    Track progress. 

How can I assess my learner’s needs the right way?

⦁    Begin your session with the learner’s session booking details
⦁    Launch a focused chat inspired by the learner’s needs   
⦁    Provide a safe space for the learner to provide honest feedback and sessions rating. 

What are the useful tips that will help me become a successful tutor?
  • Get to know your learners’ background
  • Reinforce a positive environment
  • Adopt effective differentiated instructions 
  • Respond and engage actively 
  • Think proactively.
What if I book multiple sessions other than those in your packages?
You will still benefit from our packages. Yet, you will have to pay for any additional session(s) separately.
How can I benefit from sessions packages?
Our packages help you save money when you book multiple sessions at once. The discounts can reach up to 5% of the sessions fees.
What are the payment methods?

You can pay via your credit or debit card either to book a session directly or to add money to your wallet for future use.
Other methods of payment might be available depending on your country of residence.

Can I get refunded for a canceled session?
No cash refund happens on our platform. However, the refund is accumulated in your into wallet for future use. Check our payment policy in the terms and conditions for more details.
How into handles tutors’ availability time zones?
Into automatically auto-detects your time zone when you create your account. It also auto-detects the tutors’ availability time zones and adjust them according to yours.
How can I find a tutor?

All you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Book a free consultation
  • Choose your tutor
  • Book your session.
Can I benefit from a trial session before I do the booking?

The answer is definitely YES!
We offer you 30 Minutes trial sessions before you start booking, to give you the chance to meet your tutors, get to know them and understand their practicing methods, discuss your learning goals and create an action plan for future sessions.

How much does a session cost?
The cost of the session had been carefully calculated and depends on the tutor and their experience.
How long is a session?
Each session lasts 55 minutes.
Are into’s online sessions recorded or live?
All our online sessions are live. Our tutors make every session as interactive as possible to engage learners in the skills they are practicing and to ensure that all learners reach their full potential. Hence, we make sure that differentiated instructions are adopted and the maximum interaction is achieved.
Are into’s sessions held in groups or are they one-to-ones?
We only offer one-to-one sessions to give you personal-leveled, individually-tailored experiences that group sessions cannot provide, in order to ensure that you get the results you are looking for.
Are into tutors flexible with the sessions’ schedule?
With into, you are always free to choose the schedule that suits you best for any service of choice, with any tutor of choice!
Are online sessions as effective as in-person sessions?
In most cases, they are even better! ALL our tutors are certified, qualified, and experienced to make sure each session you take with us is a success.
Do I need to download any applications(s) or software(s) for my online sessions?
You can access your sessions either by using your web browser. Our mobile app is currently under construction and you will be informed once it will be released.
Do I need any special equipment for the online sessions?
With into, you don’t need any special equipment for online sessions. All you need to have is your device (computer/laptop/iPad…) with a connection to the internet, to an audio device, and to a webcam. Our tutor will provide the rest. Our sessions are always live, in real-time and interactive.
Do you provide online and in-person services?
For the time being, we only offer individual online sessions. In-person sessions will follow on a later stage.
Who are into tutors?
Our tutors come from different backgrounds and different disciplines. The two things they all share is that they are tutors in their respective fields and are passionate about helping you succeed. Into tutors are all certified, qualified, and experienced to make sure that each session you take is a successful milestone in your journey with us.
In what languages are your services offered?
Our services are available in ALL LANGUAGES!
Which curriculums do you cover?
We cover all kinds of curriculums.
What type of services do you offer?
We provide one-on-one online sessions!